Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

What Makes One A Photographer?

Great photography is an art. It requires an understanding of composition, color, light and the tools to put it all together and create an image that captures the soul of the subject or evokes an emotion in the viewer. The art of photography requires an investment in tools that go beyond the camera. This means having locations, props and backdrops that put the emphasis on the subject.

Lighting must also accomplish the same end result. Light levels need to be measured and controlled emphasizing the subject. Natural lighting is truly the best. Natural lighting comes from one place – the Sun. But it becomes more difficult to control. If the sun is not where the photographer wants it, then it has to be “pushed” to the right location. It is helpful to use reflectors or reposition the subject to get the desired results. This holds true if the photographer is photographing a person, product, landscape, animals, or other subjects.

Modern technology has produced some great new easy to use cameras. Today everyone knows the word “pixels”. A photographer wants as many Mega-Pixels as they can afford. But quantity is only one part of the equation. The resolution quality of an image is controlled not only by the number of Mega-Pixels, but the size of the pixel on the sensor and the size of the sensor itself.

In addition to the camera technology, the photographer’s skill and an artistic approach still apply. The photographer has to control the light, environment and composition to achieve artistic results. When all this comes together the image should bring some response from the viewer.

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