Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

Find out what your photographer really knows!

Photography is as much a science as an art.  A lot of people looking to hire a photographer may judge the photographer’s value on such criteria as:

The camera looks expensive!

My friend/relative always takes pictures!

I can get a great photographer for less than the “pros”!

Remember I  said photography is as much science as art?  I found this neat posting about photographic terms.  Read it over:

Then ask your prospective photographer to answer some questions you’ve gotten from the article.  The content of the article covers just the basics.  If they stutter and stammer trying to answer questions about the basics don’t waste your money- hire a “pro”!


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Where Is Photography Headed?

I ran up against this posting that began discussing how some long standing studios are going out of business. The post covered a lot of issues our industry faces. Hope you enjoy the reading. See the link below:

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Copyrights – What’s the deal?

The topic of copyrights and ownership of images is a widely discussed issue. I have looked for easy to understand discussions and have floundered with ways to express this issue to clients and others. Well someone has finally done the job some justice.

Please follow the following link to read how photog Lauren Fitzgerald easily explains this difficult to understand topic. Lauren, my hat’s off to you on a job well done!

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