Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

Professional Head Shot – Just VAIN?

Why do people use head shots?  After all we’re not all actors.  Isn’t it just a case of thinking too much about one’s self?

Today employers are using social media in their recruiting process.  Many professional people are using social media to promote themselves professionally and grow their personal “brand”.  How should you be perceived by other professionals?  I know, I ask a lot of questions don’t I.  But think about all these questions.

As a business professional you want to have a professional brand.  That means:

  1. Be easily recognized at a first client meeting.
  2. Including a head shot to promote a presentation.
  3. Allow prospects to feel comfortable working with you.
  4. Showing the market you are confident about yourself.

 Here’s a recent head shot for a long time friend of mine.  Thanks Carol!


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Coffee Table Photography

Here it is!  Whether you want to show off your portraits, high school senior, wedding or showcase your business to customers, a Coffee Table Photography Book is the way to do just that!  The book is 10X10 with 20 panels of color or black and white images.   Page design may include a single image or a cluster of images.  The design options are limitless.

Contact A Thomas Image for details and costs.  Gift certificates are available for the gift that won’t be duplicated!

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Underwater Photographer Image On Diving Unlimited International Web Site

A recent underwater image of mine was published on the Diving Unlimited International Web Site.  Diving Unlimited International is the worlds leading manufacturer of dry suits.  You can see the image at:

Avery good dive buddy of mine Randy Scott had the idea for the shot.  I worked with him and Tim Dunn another diver to complete the image.  Thanks guys for a job well done!

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Business Cards – Photo or No Photo

When do you listen to the so-called experts? I’ve attended seminars where marketing Guru’s tell the audience just what to do and what not to do. At one such event, the Guru told the audience not to put your photo on your business card. As a photographer can you picture my head snap around when I heard that statement? Now is that a rule or a guideline? Rules are one thing, but a guideline is just that – a guideline. Actually, photographers believe rules are made to be broken! I know, I know – what a rebel!

Let’s consider this scenario – you are calling on the owner of a large plumbing distributor, how would you dress? Walk in wearing a $1500 designer suit with spit-polished shoes, the plumber’s impression – What do you know about plumbing or manual labor? Wear a pair of casual slacks and a polo shirt, he might think; you actually understand working for a living! That’s an impression that might get you more attention and respect. Ask yourself – What’s appropriate?

How you communicate with your market may not fit a specific rule. Although this rule might apply – “don’t blurt out something that angers your prospect”. You have to tailor your message to suit your intended audience, just like the clothing the salesman wore in the example above.

Ok, back to photos on business cards. I look at this much the same way. As a photographer, I think it’s quite appropriate when prospects see my photo on my business card. Real estate agents are notorious for putting their photo on all their marketing materials. Look at how agents are compensated – they work on commission. No sale – no pay! If a marketing tool doesn’t make them money, you can bet it gets thrown out.

For some businesses, the owner or representative is the product being sold. We are selling our skills. In a case like that, I believe it’s perfectly acceptable to have your photo on the card. Imagine you get a phone call from a customer referral. Your customer gave the prospect your business card. Your prospect agrees to meet you at the local coffee shop for the first time. What if your competitor walked in 5 minutes ahead of you and your prospect mistakes him for you? Wow, that’s bad for business. Your photo on the business card may be just the ticket to getting picked out of the crowd.

Another one of my favorites, does “stock” photography really represent your company? When your prospect walks into your office and it looks nothing like the “stock photograph” used in your brochure, what’s the impression?

So ask yourself: What’s your message to your marketplace? What will you use to communicate that message? And remember that word “appropriate”. Do what’s “appropriate” for your marketplace, prospect or customer. Does your message require text, graphics, photos or all three? That’s what should be on your business card, literature, web site, blog, letterhead or any marketing material you use for your business.

After all, your customer pays the invoice, which ultimately pays your salary! It’s simple, No sale, No invoice, No paycheck. They’re opinion is the one that counts. Not necessarily what the Guru says!

You can learn more about A Thomas Image by viewing the studio web site.

Next time let’s talk about photos on Social Networking sites!


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Q: Why a professional photographer?

A: A trained eye!  I know, you know someone with a very expensive digital camera and a big lens. So why should you hire a professional photographer?  As I said it earlier, “A Trained Eye”.  Professional photographers –


  • Have studied their art
  • Understand light
  • Understand creative composition
  • Are creative
  • Invest in tons of equipment and more importantly know how to use that equipment!
  • Are business people. As a result they select suppliers they know will provide performance and quality.
  • Understand how to satisfy customers
  • Offer products and services that are unique and exciting

Sure your friend, relative, or neighbor will work for almost nothing. You think you will save a lot of money.  So, You trust your family’s portrait or your wedding day to a person with the expensive camera and big lens. What happens when the results are less than you expected?  After all, they sure had a big camera!

That’s why your friend, relative, or neighbor can’t compete with a professional photographer. Be an educated consumer – you’ll save money!


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