Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

The Art And Business Of Photography – Yes I said ART!

People often think photographers want to give away their work. We often here prospects suggest take pictures for me and you’ll get Recognition or PR in lieu of being paid. Wow, I’ll try to deposit that Recognition or PR into my checking account to pay my mortgage or put food on the table!

So where does this mentality come from? People seem to think photography is not art or just a hobby because I have a camera. Let me assure you photography is not just a hobby for me. It’s a business and one I use to generate income, so I can pay my bills.

Now if you think photography is not art – check out this link:

The link announces a display of Ansell Adams’ work. Many of us photographers hold Mr. Adams in high regard. His work is stunning, artistic, ahead of its time and commands a high price. Viewers of his images will want to stare at his work and study the details.

Maybe the Southern Illinois University Museum is asking the Ansell Adams Trust to display the work for Recognition or PR? I don’t think so!


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