Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

Wedding Photographer Tips

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  Here are some basic things to consider about wedding photography:

  • Your photographer will be with you all day long documenting a very personal time between you and your new spouse.  Make sure both of you are very comfortable with your photographer and willing to show your personal side.  Meet the photographer in advance.
  • Consider an engagement announcement photo session with the photographer to learn about him or her.
  • Make sure your photographer has back up equipment if something goes wrong.  If you’re going to have a friend or relative take snapshots for you, than have a back up to the friend or relative, if something goes wrong.
  • Determine your budget.  If you haven’t set a dollar limit and you want a photographer, then prepare to set monies aside for the level of service you want.
  • Find out about what special products or services are available through your photographer  Ask about albums, print stock and special photography effects.  Ask if  “save the date” and “thank you” cards are off-the-shelf or can you have them custom designed using images from your wedding day.
  • It’s easier to gather around or pass around a wedding album than try to converge around a computer screen to view images on a disk.
  • Ask your photographer about unique locations for photography in your area.
  • All the “horror stories” I’ve heard about photographers and customer service issues tell me one thing – Get It In Writing.  Make sure you get a contract from your photographer.  If your photographer does not want to offer one to you – listen carefully, Run, don’t walk, Run the other direction!  You want to know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost you.  That word “cost” does not only refer to money!  If your friend or relative is photographing your wedding, meet with them in advance and make an outline of the things expected on both sides.  Don’t rely on “I thought you said?”

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Find out what your photographer really knows!

Photography is as much a science as an art.  A lot of people looking to hire a photographer may judge the photographer’s value on such criteria as:

The camera looks expensive!

My friend/relative always takes pictures!

I can get a great photographer for less than the “pros”!

Remember I  said photography is as much science as art?  I found this neat posting about photographic terms.  Read it over:

Then ask your prospective photographer to answer some questions you’ve gotten from the article.  The content of the article covers just the basics.  If they stutter and stammer trying to answer questions about the basics don’t waste your money- hire a “pro”!

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