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Where Is Photography Headed?

I ran up against this posting that began discussing how some long standing studios are going out of business. The post covered a lot of issues our industry faces. Hope you enjoy the reading. See the link below:


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If there’s one thing in this world that makes me exxxxtreeeeemely nervous – it’s going to the dentist!  When I get in the chair, my body goes rigid.  Often I can see that same nervousness when people come into the studio for a portrait. 

 The first point of order is to get people relaxed.  As they start to loosen up a bit the next issue to arise is: “What do you want me to do with my hands?”

 So if you have the same problem, problem with hands that is, put your trust in the photographer.  Let list a few quick comments about hands:

  1. What may bother you about your hands, is likely just you being nervous or maybe you’re self conscious about your hands.  In a portrait from the waist up, any defects in the hands become nearly invisible.  Those big problems to you don’t show up in the final image.
  2. A good photographer will have you position your hands to compliment the pose.
  3. Your hand position may often be adjusted to allow clothing fabric to smoothen.  That’s right!  Sometimes hand/arm position can cause clothing fabric to pull, pucker, or crease.  This can cause problems in the composition.  So your hand/arm may be positioned to eliminate/reduce those fabric issues.
  4. Hand placement may be used to compliment the pose, i.e. resting a chin on the closed hand.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it just doesn’t.  When it doesn’t, the photographer will change the pose and continue to shoot.

 The bottom line is your concern about where to put your hands is normally just your nervousness.  Don’t worry, you’ll relax.  You’ll begin to forget about your hands and start to have a good time.  Well that should happen if you’re working with a pro!  Let me know your thoughts.

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