Photography for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by photographer Tom Szabo

You’ve got a CD with 1000 images, Now what?

Brides often say they want a CD of images from their wedding.  I often wonder – Why?  Sure you may wish to post them or email them to your friends or family.  Generally the CD requirement comes about because their friend told them to ask the photographer for the CD.

Do you really know what it takes to manage hundreds of images?  Think about how long it will take you to sort through 500 or more images, just to get 6 or 10 to send off.  Trust me you can spend hours pouring over all these images – that’s how long it takes me after shooting a wedding. Do the math:  10 second view time per image X 500 images = 83 minutes.  If you’ve got 1000 images that time is doubled – 166 minutes or almost 3 hours!  That’s just viewing time, no editing time is included.

Then if you want to email them, you have to drop the resolution or it takes forever and a day to upload and download.  Dropping the resolution means you need image editing software, i.e. Photo Shop. Now you have even more work.

Do yourself a big favor – Order a wedding album with 15 to 20 beautifully done prints. Sit with your friends or family and a glass of wine.  Then pass the album around the table.

Ask the photographer what it takes to put your prints on a web site or make a CD of them for you to email to friends. Asking nicely may even get them at low or no cost.

Spend the time showing and enjoying your beautiful prints in an album. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to fit everyone around a laptop to see small “thumbnails”. Enjoy your images don’t create a headache!


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